CareerCert Individual Migration FAQs
  • 11 Jun 2024
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CareerCert Individual Migration FAQs

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Migration Process and System Transition

1. How will the transition to FireRescue1 Academy or EMS1 Academy work?

At the beginning of April, CareerCert users will be contacted via email to confirm which site they would like to transition to and the type of license they are currently working to recertify. Users will be required to complete any courses in progress prior to the transition, which will take place in early May.

Once the transition occurs, users will receive an email to either FireRescue1 Academy or EMS1 Academy and will then be able to continue the recertification process on the new site.

2. What do users need to do to prepare for the switch?

Users must complete any courses that are in progress by early May. The official transition date will be communicated to users via email and the CareerCert app.

3. What will happen to user data?

All completion data for current recertification cycles will be transferred to FireRescue1 Academy and EMS1 Academy. In addition, account details, except passwords, will be transferred.

4. What will happen to completion certificates for courses completed?

Certificates applicable to the current recertification period will be available alongside new completions in FireRescue1 Academy and EMS1 Academy. Certificates for previous recertification periods will be also be available to download.

5. Can users track progress throughout their certification process?

Yes, users will be able to track progress on the Learning Plan page in FireRescue1 Academy or EMS1 Academy.

In addition, users can use “Learning Plans” that aid in selecting courses that comply with National Registry and several state training requirements.

Site Access

1. Do users need to set up new passwords?

Yes, for security reasons users will be required to set up new passwords.

2. Will I still have access to the CareerCert platform after the switch?

After the transition, users will no longer have access to the CareerCert platform, but will have access to all information needed to continue recertification.


1. Will CareerCert courses be available in FireRescue1 Academy or EMS1 Academy?

CareerCert courses will no longer be available in FireRescue1 Academy or EMS1 Academy. Lexipol courses have been carefully crafted to not only meet but exceed industry standards set by accrediting fire and EMS authorities. FireRescue1 Academy and EMS1 Academy courses are broken down into easily digestible snippets with knowledge checks along the way to examine learning objectives and provide the smoothest user experience.

2. What are the system requirements for watching online videos?

Complete system requirements can be found on our Desktop Computer Requirements fact sheet.

National Registry and Accreditation

1. Can users take courses to renew a National Registry license?

Yes, continuing education hours earned through FireRescue1 Academy or EMS1 Academy can be applied toward the standard recertification requirements and the National Continued Competency Program (NCCP).

2. Are CAPCE-approved courses accepted in all states?

CAPCE approved courses are accepted in all states except Virginia, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. FireRescue1 Academy and EMS1 Academy have separate course approvals for these states, which can be viewed here.

3. Do FireRescue1 Academy and EMS1 Academy automatically report to the same accrediting bodies as CareerCert?

Yes, if a user has their license number correctly entered into their training profile prior to course completion, all accredited courses completed on FireRescue1 Academy and EMS1 Academy will be reported to the following:


  • Virginia State EMS

  • CE Broker

  • New Jersey State EMS

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