CareerCert Organization Migration FAQs
  • 11 Jun 2024
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CareerCert Organization Migration FAQs

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Migration Process and System Transition

1. How will the switch to FireRescue1 Academy or EMS1 Academy work?

A Lexipol representative will reach out to the organization’s training admin by email to schedule the transition to FireRescue1 Academy or EMS1 Academy. Notifications will begin in March and extend into Summer 2024. Admins will be provided with all the necessary training and information needed to orient their team with the new platform.

2. What will administrators need to do to prepare for the move?

Once the transition is scheduled, admins will be able to complete training at their own convenience over the course of two weeks. In addition, they should make sure that their organization is prepared to meet the System Requirements of the new platform.

3. What will happen to all existing data?

We will migrate all the data needed to:

• Track progress toward recertification of staff for both national and state certification standards
• Allow staff to continue working toward recertification without interruption
• Report on staff activities for the current recertification cycle
• Continue to track all in-person activities and coursework taken on other online learning platforms
• Store and manage all licenses and credentials for administrators and their staff
• Manage staff data by groupings created in CareerCert: shift, rank, etc.

4. What will happen to completion certificates for courses completed by my staff?

All course certificates for staff earned on CareerCert will be available. Certificates applicable to the current recertification period will be available alongside new completions in FireRescue1 Academy and EMS1 Academy. Certificates for previous recertification periods will be available separately to download.

Certificates and completions for the period before the current recertification period will be available upon request. Contact our support team at (844) 312-9500 for further assistance.

5. What will happen to the courses created by an organization in CareerCert?

Courses created by administrators in CareerCert that your staff have taken within the last year will be migrated to FireRescue1 Academy or EMS1 Academy automatically.

For other courses that have not been used in the last year, we will provide an archive with the following:

• Files associated with each course
• Questions and answers for any quizzes and surveys that were created
• An archive of all answers provided by each active user

Onboarding Training and Support

1. What kind of training will administrators and staff receive as part of the transition?

Administrators will receive on-demand, self service training to equip them to support their staff on the new platform. In addition, resources like videos, documents and courses will be available to share with personnel to help acquaint them with the new platform.

2. What kind of support will be available to administrators through this process?

Admins will have access to our onboarding curriculum, their Customer Success Manager*,
the help center, and our support team to assist during the transition. Contact support at (844) 312-9500 if you need help contacting your Customer Success Manager.

*Customer Success Manager not included in all plans.

3. Can administrators monitor the progress of their staff through onboarding?

Yes, admins can follow their progress like any other assignment since the onboarding process will be built as an online course.

System Setup and User Accounts

1. Will organizations need to set up new profiles for each staff member of their agencies?

No. Each profile for active users will be transferred from CareerCert to the new site. The following personal information will be transferred:

• Username/Email
• Full Name
• Rank, Shift, etc.
• Employee ID (if it is stored in CareerCert)
• City
• State
• Staff Credentials, including start and end dates

2. Do users need to set up new passwords?

Yes, for security reasons users will be required to set up new passwords.

3. Will users still have access to the CareerCert platform after they migrate?

While admins are being trained, organizations will continue to have access to the CareerCert platform. Once an organization completes the onboarding process for their new platform, they will no longer have access to CareerCert and will be redirected to FireRescue1 Academy or EMS1 Academy should they try to log in.

Security and SSO

1. What level of data security does Lexipol provide relative to CareerCert?

FireRescue1 Academy and EMS1 Academy maintain an even higher level of security than is available on CareerCert. More detail can be provided upon request to our support team at (844) 312-9500.

2. Can administrators customize access to the features on FireRescue1 Academy and EMS1 Academy for their staff?

Yes, FireRescue1 Academy and EMS1 Academy provide very flexible roles that can help to limit feature access for both learners and admins.

3. Can organizations arrange for staff to use SSO to login to FireRescue1 Academy or EMS1 Academy?

Yes, once an agency has migrated to FireRescue1 or EMS1, we can work with admins to set up SSO login for the agency at a small annual cost.


1. Will CareerCert courses be available in FireRescue1 Academy or EMS1 Academy?

CareerCert courses will no longer be available in FireRescue1 Academy or EMS1 Academy. Lexipol courses have been carefully crafted to not only meet but exceed industry standards set by accrediting and approving fire and EMS authorities. FireRescue1 Academy and EMS1 Academy courses are broken down into easily digestible snippets with knowledge checks along the way to examine learning objectives and provide the smoothest user experience.

2. What are the system requirements for watching online videos?

Complete system requirements can be found on our Technical Requirements fact sheet.

3. Can I upload my own content or courses to EMS1 Academy or FireRescue1 Academy?

Yes, you will be able to create your own courses on both sites from the following file types:

  • PowerPoint
  • Word
  • PDF

You will also be able to create in-course quizzes and stand-alone exams.

4. Can I share documents with other departments or agencies using the FireRescue1 Academy or EMS1 Academy systems?

Yes, our Customer Support team can set up document-based courses that may be shared with specific other agencies, with a group of agencies or may be made public for all agencies to access.

National Registry and Accreditation

1. Can I use your courses to renew my National Registry license?

Yes, continuing education hours earned through FireRescue1 Academy or EMS1 Academy can be applied toward the standard recertification requirements and the National Continued Competency Program (NCCP).

2. Are CAPCE-approved courses accepted in all states?

Protocols for the acceptance of CAPCE-approved courses can vary widely by state. To review the information posted for your state, visit our Accreditation page for a full listing.

3. Do you automatically report to all of the same accrediting bodies as CareerCert?

Yes, courses completed on FireRescue1 Academy and EMS1 Academy that are accredited by the following organizations will be automatically reported:

• Virginia State EMS
• CEBroker
• New Jersey State EMS

Training Administration and Management

1. Can organizations track in-house training? i.e. Hands-on training at the station, courses completed through a local community college

Yes, FireRescue1 Academy and EMS1 Academy include an External Training tool, allowing organizations to:

• Split credit within “external training” between different credit types
• Provide a grade and date for trainings
• Upload “external training” records in bulk

2. Will administrators be able to track staff progress throughout recertification?

Yes, FireRescue1 Academy and EMS1 Academy provide pre-built “Learning Plans” that incorporate national training and some state requirements. Admins will be able to track staff progress through the Learning Plans assigned to them according to their license and geography. All staff will be assigned Learning Plans that correspond with their current recert goal as part of the migration.