Assignments / Learning Plans Overview
  • 27 Aug 2022
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Assignments / Learning Plans Overview

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This article applies to:
PoliceOne Academy, FireRescue1 Academy, CorrectionsOne Academy, EMS1 Academy, LocalGovU, and white-label sites

Assignments is one of the most helpful and frequently used Academy feature sets. It allows admins to assign training to organization members and track their progress. You will find Assignments /Learning plans under the Admin menu.

Our Assignments tool features: 

  1. Reusable Learning Plans to easily reassign training.  Need to assign the same list of courses multiple times (i.e. HR policy refresher, employee onboarding plan, etc.)? Create a Learning Plan once, and assign it out to each group of people at any time.
  2. Multiple ways to define requirements: Learning Plans allow you to organize your training requirements into categories or Course Groupings, and also define different ways to fulfill each category. 
    • All courses in category - All courses you select must be completed
    • Any from list - Define a set of options and let the student choose one of the items to fulfill the requirements (i.e. take a CPR online course, or an in-person CPR course)
    • N Hours from list - Define eligible courses and let students decide which they want to complete to meet a minimum training hour requirement (i.e. 4 hours of Safe Driver training from a course library with 64 hours of training courses)
    • Code-based requirement - Define requirements related to OSHA, ISO, JAC, POST, etc. using preset classifiers and training codes from the Code Manager Tool. The student would have to meet N hours of any courses with required code. 
  3. Advanced assignment tracking and student progress reports. 
    1. Under My Organization's Assignments, check progress and easily identify non-compliant personnel for each assignment. 
    2. Under Member Progress you can search by user and see what items they've completed for each assignment, what items are remaining, and what items are past due, broken down to the category and course level. 
  4. Customizable setup options.
    1.  Want to assign a couple of courses once and don't want to create a Learning Plan? Use a Quick assignment instead. Select your courses and go! 
    2.  Training period settings with ability to accept early/late completions. Enter an optional due date, and even allow students to complete the assignment early or late.  
    3.  Notifications. Let your org members know they have a new assignment to complete, or warn them that it's about to be past-due...with one click. In addition to default notifications, you can now access the Notification Manager from the assignment setup, and create custom notifications that can be applied to the current assignment, some assignments, or every assignment. 
  5. Multiple ways to add and manage credentials and easy renewal. You can manage credentials manually under Members Credentials, or add and renew them from within the Credential Assignment. 

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