Events Manager Overview
  • 27 Aug 2022
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Events Manager Overview

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This article applies to:
PoliceOne Academy, FireRescue1 Academy, CorrectionsOne Academy, EMS1 Academy, LocalGovU, and white-label sites

The Events Manager allows you to schedule face-to-face training at specific facilities. With this functionality, you can track all training for your organization within the Academy platform, even if it occurs outside of the online environment. This creates a complete training transcript for your personnel.

Events Manager is a premium add-on (additional charge and set-up required).

What can you do with the Events Manager?

Organization and site admins, or individuals with the "manage events" permission (through Roles) can:

  • Schedule and post in-person and online training events that personnel can register for. Admins can also register people.
  • Set a maximum number of seats.
  • Require pre-requisite courses are completed before the event.
  • Offer multiple packages or options. For example, you can offer a basic training and also a more advanced training.
  • Share the event post in Academy with other organizations (Academy users) in your network.
  • Manage event attendance/completions (pass/fails), access reporting, message registrants, and act as a contact person. Designated instructors can also perform these actions.
  • Create webinar events for your organization and others in your network (requires GoTo Webinar account). You can add panelists from the organization, and enjoy other Events admin functionality.

White-label site customers enjoy additional benefits, like ecommerce capabilities through an integration with Stripe to charge for the event, generating certificates of completions, publishing events externally, and allowing users to request that a training event be held in their area during a specific time.

How to Create an Event

Once your organization has purchased the Events Manager add-on, please contact your Customer Success Manager. Our team will work with you to set up event types, packages, instructors, and if applicable, prerequisite courses, ecommerce and credential templates. If you plan to invite other agencies to the events you are hosting, our team can set up your sharing network. Once this initial setup is complete, you are ready to start creating events.

  1. Under the Training Events menu, select All Events. You will see all your organization events that match the search/filter criteria on the left hand side. Now click on the Create New Event button on the right.
  2. Fill out the event details form as indicated, and save. Each individual training session will require a new event entry. Here are a few tips to fill out the form:
    • Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*). While not required, it's helpful to fill out the Event details field to let attendees know what will be covered, what to bring, what to wear, etc.  Under Additional Files, you can also upload any content you would like attendees to review.
    • It's good practice to enter Event host information (admin email) so that personnel have a point of contact. The email must belong to a member of the organization where the event is being created. While email is optional, you will be required to add a contact phone number as you enter the venue information.
    • Start entering the venue address into the search box, and the Google Maps integration will validate the address and fill the proper fields. If you check the Online-only box, the physical venue address fields will disappear. You can enter the URL link for the online course under Event details.
    • These fields pertain to prerequisite online courses (which will be configured as part of your Packages during initial setup). If your training event doesn't have a prerequisite, please disregard.
    • The event won't be visible to non-admins until the Published checkbox is selected. Once it's published, all members of the organization will be able to find and register for the event (as allowed by registration restrictions).

How to Register for an Event

Once you have created, published, and opened registration for your event, users can click on it to register themselves through the New Registration button.

Admins can also register others by choosing the Register other person option.

Managing the Event

By clicking on the event, admins can:

  • Edit event details
  • Open/close registration
  • Unpublish the event
  • Manage attendees. Registered attendees will appear at the bottom of the event. You can cancel their registration or transfer them to another upcoming training event.

Through the Manage attendees button, you can also email attendees and download a roster.

Once the event has concluded, admins and designated instructors can select Set Training Progress to log attendance and completion (pass/fail) for each user.

Reports for Event Manager

Users with access to reports, will be able to see attendance and completion details under Admin>Reports> Events Attendance Report.

Want to learn more?

Watch this excerpt from a PoliceOne Academy product webinar where we demo the Events Manager in more detail, including:

  • Optional functionality like sharing events with other organizations and setting up instructors
  • Real life examples other departments are using the Events Manager
  • Where to connect your Go-To webinar account and create a webinar event

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