Police/Corrections Webinar: Maximize your Training Program Value – Q2 2020
  • 24 Aug 2022
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Police/Corrections Webinar: Maximize your Training Program Value – Q2 2020

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This article applies to:
PoliceOne Academy, FireRescue1 Academy, CorrectionsOne Academy, EMS1 Academy, LocalGovU, and white-label sites

Lexipol hosts product webinars sharing updates on new courses and features in the PoliceOne Academy and CorrectionsOne Academy platforms in order to help agencies maximize their training program value. If you missed that session or simply want to refer back to it for the critical information provided, you can watch it here. The session has been broken down by topic for ease of use and the markers allow you to jump to the parts you consider the most important.

This webinar video includes details on: 

  • New Courses: We’ve released more than 50 new COVID-19 courses to help prepare your teams. 
  • Reports Manager Enhancements: The reporting interface now includes unrestricted timeframes so you can run reports for any date range you need, and ability to tailor report fields and options to group users, courses or content types to make reports easier to read. 
  • New Notifications: We've added two new valuable notifications for users. Upon course completion, users will automatically receive an email with a link to view their certificate of completion. Additionally, multiple certificate versions based on state and national requirements will display in the Certificates section as needed. 
  • Administrative Dashboard Review: A quick review of the most frequently used features in the LMS so you can find what you need, when you need it. 
  • Overview of learning plans and assignments: This section goes in-depth on functionality to send out a simple assignment and how to create and assign a reusable training plan (which may manage license requirements) so that administrators can track user progress to ensure compliance. 
  • Additional Support Resources: Learn about the various ways you can leverage the Customer Success team or use the help library.

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