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We have a user that is returning to our agency, but the email was deleted. The system won't allow me to add the user because the email is already in use?

For Legal purposes users are never deleted from the system, just deactivated. If you change the result list to “Not Enabled” or “All” you will see all users in the agency roster. Active and Inactive. For further help click here. KMS UserId & Password Procedures (lexipol.com)

We set up a new user but made a mistake when entering the email. It's corrected but the user doesn't have a Lexipol Id and the user cannot Log in to KMS. We deleted the user so we could re-add them and now it says it cannot add the account because the User already exists?

Users should not be deleted/deactivated when an error occurs. User Id's are stored in two places and the correction in KMS didn't occur in the secondary system. This is easily resolved by calling Lexipol Customer Support at 844-312-9500, choose Option 2 for Customer Support and then Option1 for KMS UserId & Password Procedures (lexipol.com)

We have users that are not receiving their Daily Training Bulletins, (DTBs)?

There could be a few reasons this is occurring. The primary reason is in User set up. Check the users' profile to ensure that they have a DTB Start Date and that there is a check in “DTB Test Taker”. Beyond this, it could be a groups issue. If the issue persists, please contact Customer Support for assistance. Daily Training Bulletins_rev (lexipol.com)

We are looking for policies that we previously excluded from our manual. How can we get them back or see what we removed?

Policies are never deleted, just hidden from view. When in the draft manual, click the arrow beside the word “Filters” under the KMS logo. The first option in the drop-down is “Show Removed”. Choose this option and all hidden content will be seen. (Chapters, Policies, Sections and Sub-sections within the policies Policy Actions (lexipol.com)

We need to see what our policies looked like historically. Is there a way to view past manuals?

On the manuals page, the line with the “Issued” Manuals has a grey button beside the PDF button. When you hover over this button it reflects “View Issued Manual Archives”. All the generations of the manual are located here. Editing Policy-General Notes (lexipol.com)

Why do our policies have a locked symbol and won't allow us to edit them?

Policies display a lock symbol when they are entered for editing to safeguard from another admin editing the policy while you are editing. The lock symbol will clear when and if the policy is exited correctly by choosing “I'm done editing/updating”. If the policy is locked by the original admin in the policy, it is easily unlocked by re-entering the policy for editing and then exiting correctly. If an admin has the policy locked and they are not available to unlock it, then you will need to contact Customer Support for assistance. Locked Policies (lexipol.com)

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